Common driving mistakes

Below are some attitudes and behaviours which constitute driving mistakes that can lead to accidents.
  • Loosing attention - 'zoning out'
    Stay relaxed but totally focused. Concentrate on your journey but not on your pending issues.
  • Driving while drowsy
    Take breaks frequently or as required.Make sure to get adequate rest before long trips.
  • Becoming distracted inside car (cell phone, radio,passengers)
    Avoid using cell phone while driving.
  • Not planning your trip prior to commencing.
  • Failing to adjust to adverse weather conditions
    Slow down when it is raining and adjust for visibility when visibility is poor. Allow longer stopping distances.
  • Driving aggressively
    Allow yourself ample time to make the trip and avoid tailgating, jumping red lights and stop signs, etc. Remain calm and drive safely.
  • Changing lanes without checking blinds spots
    Signal, check mirrors, and then use quick glance before you turn. Make lane changes gradually.
  • Making wrong assumptions about other drivers' intentions
    Drive with defensive mindset. Always be prepared for the unexpected. Make your intentions clear to other drivers in front, at your side, and behind you.
  • Ignoring road signs, signals¬†and markings.
    Obey the traffic signs and remember the speed limit is the legal limit in ideal conditions.
  • Ignoring essential auto maintenance.
    Do daily and weekly maintenance checks of brake, lights, tyres, etc. Replace brake pads every 15000 kms.

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