The Use of the Airbag and how it works

The purpose of an airbag is to help passengers prevent or reduce injury when the car collides or stops abruptly. Serious injuries and even death may occur where and when there are no airbags to protect passengers....

Safety and courtesy mountain driving

Driving in the mountains can be a wonderful and exhilarating experience, but it can also be tiring and cause extra wear and tear on your vehicle. When embarking on a trip through the mountains remember these...

Drive safely in flood

Floods can occur anywhere, with floodwaters rising gradually or flash floods striking suddenly. Flash floods are the number most weather-related killer in the world.

Buckle up to save your life!

The purpose of the seatbelt is to hold the passenger in place so the passenger is almost part of the car, which prevents the passenger from flying forward as the car stops abruptly or in the case of a coll...

Beware at Construction zones

Construction zones are dangerous. Therefore remember the following driving tips to avoid sudden changes in plan and perhaps to save lives including your own!

Common driving mistakes

Below are some attitudes and behaviours which constitute driving mistakes that can lead to accidents. Loosing attention - 'zoning out' Stay relaxed but totally focused. Concentrate on your journey but not...

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